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    SCR99 is delighted to invite members of SCR99 to participate in this daily check in. Mystery treasure box will be given upon daily check in. Be surprise on the mysterious rewards from the treasure! What are you waiting for? Kindly contact us for more info!

    Treasure chest random bonus 999, required deposit amount RM999.
    Bonus 999 + Deposit RM999 = RM1,998
    Total RM1,998 x 5 = Rollover 9,990

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    How to Check-in?

    • Daily check-in to get reward (starts from 01st February 2021)
    • Visit > Daily Check-in > Check-in Now
    • Contact our customer service via Live Chat, WhatsApp, Telegram or WeChat Daily Reward

    Daily Reward

    • Daily check-in will get extra bonus RM3.
    • Consecutive check-in 25 days will get extra bonus x3 times.
    • Consecutive check-in day 7 extra get one treasure chest, random bonus from treasure chest will show in system rules.
    The random bonus must be same with deposit amount, required withdrawal turnover x5 times.

    Terms & Conditions

    • This Promotion open for all SCR99 members.
      • For first 7 days check-in bonus minimum deposit RM50 and 3 transactions a day.
      • 25 days check-in bonus must minimum deposit RM50 and 10 transactions within these 25 days.
    • The treasure chest bonus does not include with the consecutive check-in bonus.
    • Treasure is not claimable if players has missed out 1 day in the 25 days of check-in bonus period.
    • Bonus will be recalculated every month, kindly take note on claimable treasure before the 3rd on every month.
    • 6 consecutive days are required for bonus claimed.
    • Check-in bonus are not allowed with other new deposit, bonus requirement turnover x3 times.
    • Daily check-in bonus is not allowed to claim with the treasure chest.
    • Only 1 I.P address allowed to claim this reward, if caught having more than 1 i.p address and used multiple of accounts all free bonus will be invalid. SCR99 reserves the rights to withhold and cancel all winning bets.
    • SCR99 Asia has the rights to modify, change or terminated the promotion without prior notice.